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It’s Time to Ditch Mortgage Lending’s OUTDATED Appraisal Model

…but don’t take our word for it check out a recently published Inman article by BERNICE ROSS to find out why #avm -based appraisal models excel in this fast-paced market: NCCIServices/Inman_article

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Count on NCCI Services... because there is too much room for error with of the other appraisal models.


Accurate property values are vital to Credit Unions, which must make pivotal decisions based on the reported value of a house or land parcel. An appraisal that misses the mark and reports the value too high or too low can have costly repercussions.

Relying on appraisers who often lack local market knowledge, only evaluate a small percentage of features, and arbitrarily assign values to various types of improvements.

In fast moving markets, lagging salesdata makes it difficult for appraisers to capture current market demand.

Incompetent asset appraisals will generatefalse figures. When these figures are wrong,they will incorrectly represent the value ofyour property/assets





We've partnered with the leading AVM providers so you can get the most accurate real estate insights into property values and trends –instantly. NCCI’SAVM solutions enable more accurate decision-making solutions to maximize your portfolio and service your customers/members.

NCCI – Your Proven Partner

We’ve partnered with the industries 2 leading AVM resources so you can get the most accurate reporting. Simply login, submit an address and download report – all in less than 5 minutes. Contact us now to give it a try!

RELAR – The Industries Leading Predictive Technology

The only AVM that “Predicts when a buyer will arrive in time &what they will pay” along with a today value. It also provides property level indice, 30, 60, 90 short sales values.

Quantarium – #1 Ranked AVM Model

Tests with the highest hit rate, lowest means of absolute error, and Scores as the top model on all testing cascades nationally.


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Technology-Assisted Appraisals are the integration of appraiser expertisewith innovative technology to produce accurate, efficient valuationalternatives that solve any pain points our users may be experiencing.

Save Money

We offer report options at several price points based on your request scenarios.

Save Time

Faster delivery, reduced underwriting times and less hassles

Be Compliant

As guideline, so do our methodologies and documentation to ensure you meet industry standards

Efficient & Certaint

Streamline your AVM needs with one trusted industry source while finding out AVM eligibilities in real-time

Solutions for Credit Unions

AVM’s & Intellectual Products

Review of loan home & condo collateral for LTV

Match & export an excel list of addresses, with values / Same day
Highest hit rate and lower error
Get 2 tests for the price of 1 from Relar & Quantarium

Quantarium Collateral Reports Include

Value, Confidence Score, LTV, Equity, Comparable, Voluntary &Involuntary Liens, Owner Occupied Lien Balance, Property GLA, Assessment & Tax, Last Sale, 5yr Value History, Comparable Sales& Listings, Listing History & Market Indice

For Heloc Sales Opportunities, Title Changes, New 2nds by otherInstitutions, Voluntary & Involuntary Liens by Tax Authorities & Courts

Monitors flagged Property for MLS & Title transactions
Great for Originators & Servicers to track MLS & Title activity with borrowers
Useful for prospecting opportunities with new listings, surveillance of liens and new loans added



Through constant advanced machine learnings, we can extract deeper data insights, quickly and efficiently


The only valuation model that predicts price and time on market along with satellite and map-imagery analysis


Continuously evaluating the coefficients associated with each AVM variable to ensure current market fluctuations are reflected


Our process is unbiased and independently tested to help ensure the reliability of our model outcomes


Our reports predicts both price and time to sell and expected ranges for both numbers to support regulatory requirements


We measure performance based on current and calibrated data based onrequired data points are from transactions across various geographic markets.

We offer the most accurate data for portfolio monitoring, valuation & lending decisions...

Right in the palm of your hands!

Our Reporting Difference

The price on time continuum

Our reporting difference is that Appraisals and Broker Price Opinions are just opinions. They lack consistency and are not uniform. They offer no perspective on time to market and the coinciding price. They do not promote buyer or seller confidence and lack scoring ability.

Our AVM generates a today value, as well as 30,60,90-day projection; giving you the data essential to remain compliant, verifies value, and offers insight to a more accurate better service for your members.

RELAR Price vs. Time Prediction



Sell in 30 days:



Sell in 60 days:



Sell in 90 days:



Our quarterly portfolio valuation subscription model

Includes free daily portfolio monitoring delivering MLS and title notifications.

An AVM Is Only As Good As Its Data

Nationwide Coverage

RELAR Technology Matches Comparables based on market & hard-to-find information

That’s why the data that powers RELAR Technology has one of the highest-coverage information data sets in the country. Comps are not selected by house size and lot size alone, RELAR identifies the correct comps with 40,0000lines of code and computing comps out to the 4th moment.

  • Not limited to zip code and radius boundaries
  • REO, Short Sale & Foreclosures analyzed for effect and relevance
  • No jump off points or assumption on value. Not a cascade of valuation models
  • High value homes in the $800L to $5M can now be calculated with precision


Our unique features:

  • Not limited to zip code and radius boundaries
  • REO, Short Sale & Foreclosures analyzed for effect and relevance
  • No jump off points or assumption on value. Not a cascade of valuation models
  • High value homes in the $800L to $5M can now be calculated with precision

We utilize a database-driven valuation platform and a perpetual process to dramatically reduce appraisal development times thru automation, to produce analytics and research not previously possible and to create innovative, new valuations products.


Offer a “Homeowner Complete” summary to your members mortgage portfolio each year. This proprietary product offers valuable insight into neighborhood activity and trends; with a cutting edge projection summary [view summary example report]

With-changing market conditions on the horizon, now is the time to put controls in place to proactively monitor your portfolio!

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